Friday, December 02, 2011

Why You Think Advanced Retail Education Isn't Important.

Advanced retail Education.

A good college education prepares us to figure things out in the "real world." It prepares us to work on deadlines, deal with budgets and prepare and present reports. For a career in retail it's vital that a person have a 360 degree view of the world.

A retailer has to understand how important psychology, presentation and design are to the science of selling. A classics major will learn some philosophy as well as literature but for retail it will help if they have a grasp of art and math as well.

But in my almost 40 years of retail experience I've had to know drafting (now on computers), algebra, geometry, basic math skills, basic accounting, painting, graphic design, basic human psychology... as well as developing some construction skills for my visual merchandising work. Plannogramming is huge now and that requires organizational thinking skills.

I don't believe a dedicated course in retail is absolutely necessary for success. It doesn't hurt - it's just not a vital component. But a college degree is!


    * Any retail program worth it's time should have a work/learn program.
    * The best learning is on-the-job - especially when you have a teacher/professor/mentor to discuss it with back at school. It's an excellent learning combination.
    * Generally people "end up" in retail and the motivated, intelligent ones rise to the top and learn on the way.

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