Barack Obama's Step-Grandmother, Sarah Obama, Injured In Kenya Car Accident

Sarah Obama
NAIROBI, Kenya -- President Barack Obama's 91-year-old step-grandmother suffered bruises and shock after a car she was traveling in rolled over, a relative and a hospital official said Monday...Read Remaining News...

Conflict in Nigeria: Boko Haram battles 'kill at least 50'

battle in nigeria
Battle in Nigeria
More than 50 people have died in days of fighting between Nigerian forces and suspected Islamist gunmen in the country's north-east, officials say...Read Remaining News...

Woman beaten by Egyptian troops in Tahrir Square

A Woman is being beaten by Egyptian troops
Washington has described the treatment of female protesters in Egypt as "shocking" and a "disgrace" after footage emerged of troops ripping off a woman's clothing and beating her...Read Remaining News...

Islamists seen as winners in Egypt election

Vote Counting in Egypt
(Reuters) - Egypt's ruling military painted a dire picture of the economy on Thursday as election officials delayed releasing results of a landmark parliamentary poll that Islamist parties looked set to win, saying votes were still being counted...Read Remaining News...

Egypt election: Long queues in first post-Mubarak vote

Election in Egypt
Large numbers of Egyptians have turned out to vote in the first elections since former President Hosni Mubarak was overthrown in February...Read Remaining News...

In Vote in Morocco, Many Stay Skeptical

Vote in Morocco
CASABLANCA, Morocco — Yassine Bousalim, a 26-year-old chef from the poor neighborhood of Derb Sultan, where lingering smells of garbage fill the air, watched voters come and go on Friday from the polling station across the street, with an air of disgusted detachment...Read Remaining News...

NTC fighters move in for kill in Kadhafi town

Forces of Libya's new regime were moving in for the kill against Moamer Kadhafi's diehards in his hometown on Wednesday after meeting little resistance and taking several key objectives.

A day after seizing Sirte's police headquarters, the National Transitional Council forces were still closing in from the east and west on ever smaller pockets of pro-Kadhafi forces.

Hundreds of NTC combatants in dozens of pickups fired rockets from the west of the Mediterranean city whose seizure will enable the NTC to declare the liberation of Libya and clear the way for an election timetable.

An AFP correspondent said Sirte's main square and entire waterfront were under NTC control, along with its fortress-like conference centre, university campus and main hospital, all of which the fighters seized on Sunday...Read Remaining News...