$3.2 million yacht sinks in Lake Tahoe marina 

sinking yacht

Witnesses at the Tahoe Keys Marina say they heard screeching, the sound of tearing metal, and a passenger yell "oh, no!" late Sunday night...Read Remaining News...

Wallenda exuberant after wire walk across NIAGARA Falls

niagra falls

NIAGARA FALLS, Ontario (AP) -- There was "wind coming from every which way," mist so powerful it clouded his vision and an unfamiliar wire beneath him, but daredevil Nik Wallenda didn't let that stop him from becoming the first person to walk on a tightrope across the Niagara Falls...Read Remaining News...

Malaysia Airlines launches kid-free economy zone 

malaysia airlines
Malaysia Airlines' first A380 service, nonstop between Kuala Lumpur and London
Looking for a child-free flight? Malaysia's flag carrier plans to reserve the upper economy deck on its new A380 service for adults only...Read Remaining News...

The 11 longest flights in the world

Plane taking off
Plane taking off
"Are we there yet?" usually issues from the mouths of children. But aboard these 11 flights, even the adults pester flight attendants with such questions. U.S. News Travel sought out the most painstakingly long journeys in the sky. While some people measure length by mileage, we believe the flight's duration is much more important to travelers. After all, you only want to be stuck on a plane with strangers for so long...Read Remaining News...

Places where people live the longest

Monaco, the beautiest city of the world
Top 10 Hotspots for Human Longevity

In 1513, Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de León set sail in search of Bimini, a mythical land said to house a spring that restored youth to anyone who drank from it. After scouring the Caribbean and Florida, he returned empty-handed, and the Fountain of Youth remained undiscovered. Perhaps he was just looking in the wrong place...Read Remaining Article...

America's Most Overpriced Cities, 2012

San Jose, California
San Jose, Calif.
Photo: Bernd Geh/Getty Images
8 (tie). Bradenton, Fla.
MSA: North Port-Bradenton-Sarasota, FL
Housing Affordability: 72.6%
Unemployment rate: 10.4%
Median Salary (for college grads): $52,000
Cost-of-Living: 100

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Fears over Taj Mahal's leaning tower

Taj Mahal's leaning tower
Taj Mahal, Wonder of the World
An urgent investigation was ordered today after reports that one of the four minarets of the 17th century Taj Mahal - India's fabled monument to love - has tilted slightly...Read Remaining News...

48 hours in Dallas/Fort Worth

Dallas-Fort Worth
Dallas-Fort Worth
(Reuters) - Got 48 hours to spend in Dallas-Fort Worth? There is plenty to see and do in this metropolitan area featuring two cities with distinctly different vibes...Read Remaining News...

The giraffe hunters who pay £10,000 to shoot the gentle giants with guns and bows for sport

Dead Giraffe
Tourist trophy hunters are paying thousands of pounds to go and shoot giraffes with high-powered guns and bows...Read Remaining News...

People Travel on an Outdoor Public Escalator at Commune, Colombia

Long Public Escalator
BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — Officials in Colombia's second-largest city on Monday inaugurated a giant, outdoor escalator for residents of one of its poorest neighborhoods...Read Remaining News...

What is the World's most-visited museums

Musée du Louvre, Paris
"Musée du Louvre" is the world's most-visited museums located in the city of France, Paris...News Remaining News...

Airlines given permission to fly over North Pole for the first time slashing the hours to exotic destinations

boeing 777
A British Airways Boeing 777 which will be able to take a 'short cut' over the North pole
Airlines given permission to fly over North Pole for the first time slashing the hours to exotic destinations...Read Remaining News...

10 World Biggest Holes on Earth

Mirny Diamond Mine of Siberia

It is believed that holes are wrath of god on this earth and are pathway to hell. Most people reading this would agree but here it is certainly not the case. Holes created in different parts of the world either due to human works like mining, as sum of these are diamond mine shafts that have been abandoned or due to wrath of god as we all know through meteor shower or something similar falling that made the dinosaurs extinct are today popular vacation spots as they are a visual extravaganza...Read Remaining News...

Travel Picks: Top 10 tips for holiday travel

Travel Month
(Reuters) - Silver bells, sleigh rides, menorahs and mistletoe are on the not-so-distant horizon.

But before the festivities get underway, there are flights to catch, security lines to endure and delays to tolerate. With that in mind, online travel adviser ( ) have come up with 10 top holiday travel tips to help you navigate the festive season. Reuters has not endorsed this list:..Read Remaining Article...

Where to go in December ?

Best Place For December.
In Europe, the Christmas holidays draw families to the ski slopes to celebrate the festive season: the Pyrenees in France and Spain and the Austrian, Swiss or Italian Alps are popular destinations. It is also the time for festive markets in many European towns such as Strasbourg, Munich or Brussels. Whatever the destination in Europe it will probably be cold and wet with snow in the more northern regions....Read Remaining News...

Sydney's Island Bar in full swing

Sydney, Australia
One of the best ways to kick off summer in Sydney might just be an outdoor barbecue in your best friend's backyard. Even better if that backyard has panoramic views of the city skyline and sunsets that most visitors to Sydney would pay a premium to see...Read Remaining News...

World's Most Secret Islands

We turned up 10 dreamy islands unknown to the average U.S. traveler. 
By Jamie Moore
Looking for the perfect place to get away from it all? We searched the world and turned up 10 dreamy islands unknown to the average U.S. traveler. These little patches of unspoiled paradise, from the Great Lakes to the South China Sea, are relatively affordable and easy to get to. And the idea of getting stranded on any one of them would be, well,..Read Remaining News...

Morocco: Marrakech palm grove threatened by the excesses of tourism

palm tree
Palm tree
AFP - The Millennium vast palm grove of Marrakech in southern Morocco, is in great danger: water scarcity, urbanization, tourism projects and pharaonic golf course threaten the survival of this oasis, an ambitious program of conservation attempts back. Ten centuries after his birth, the palm, one of the most beautiful of Morocco, is now suffering the devastating combination of man and climate...Read Remaining News...

10 Great Mountain Towns

By Jamie Moore (Yahoo Travel)

Lucerne, Switzerland

This picturesque Swiss Alps city is like a model-train set come to life. Medieval-style homes and shops with flower boxes line cobblestoned streets. The wooden 14th-century Chapel Bridge (Kapllbrücke) spans the Reuss River flowing through the town's crystal-clear Lake Lucerne. And in the backdrop, little red cog railway cars climb the steep Mt. Pilatus...Read Remaining News...

The 20 Best Views in the World

Fortunately for us, a great view can happen at any place and at any moment: a sunset over an empty field, an unexpected panorama from the top of an office building, the morning sun on a crowded street. There are some classic views, however, that are certainly worth a trip. As a travel writer, I�ve been lucky to behold a number of spectacular sights, but the following ones I�ll remember for a very long time.

1. The Grand Canyon from the South Rim
People come from all over the world to take in this vista, which at sunset resembles an impressionistic painting brought to life. Hopi Point, on the West Rim Drive, extends far out into the canyon and is an excellent vantage point among many. Try to visit during the shoulder seasons of April-May and September-October, when the weather is milder and the park is less crowded...Read Remaining News...

Top 100 travel destination

Cast your minds back to every holiday / vacation you have ever taken!! Is there a place that stands out from the rest? Is there a destination or specific holiday or vacation attraction that takes its place as your number 1 'Best Travel Destination'. If so, whether it be an awe inspiring historical monument, place of immense excitement, the most beautiful place you have ever experienced or simply a place that just 'did it for you', please participate in this international survey (more details at the bottom of the page) for the 'Best Travel Destination'.

Below is the international survey for the world top 100 'Best Travel Destination''s based on holiday / vacation experiences.
1, Visit Travel Guide for this destination. Orlando (USA) 
2, Visit Travel Guide for this destination. Sydney (Australia)
3, Visit Travel Guide for this destination. Paris (France) 
4, Visit Travel Guide for this destination. Venice (Italy)
5, Visit Travel Guide for this destination. London (England)
6, Visit Travel Guide for this destination. Manhattan (USA)
7, Visit Travel Guide for this destination. Cape Town (South Africa)
8, Visit Travel Guide for this destination. Las Vegas (USA) 
9, Visit Travel Guide for this destination. Rome (Italy) 
10, Visit Travel Guide for this destination. Great Barrier Reef (Australia)...Read Remaining News...