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Iranian bomber maimed in blasts in Thai capital

Iranian bomber maimed in blasts in Thai capital
Policeman showing the spot

(Reuters) - An Iranian man was seriously wounded in Bangkok on Tuesday when a bomb he was carrying exploded and blew one of his legs off in an incident Israel said was an attempted terrorist attack by Iran...Read Remaining News...

Wave of attacks kills dozens amid Iraq's upheaval

bomb attack in baghdad
Bomb Attack in Baghdad
Baghdad (CNN) -- A wave of explosions in Baghdad Thursday killed at least 63 people and wounded 185, authorities say, raising fears about the stability of the country amid political upheaval that threatens to undo Iraq's government just days after U.S. troops withdrew from the country...Read Remaining News...

Israel frees 550 Palestinians in Shalit swap

Palestinians are waiting to welcome their people
RAMALLAH/GAZA: Israel released 550 Palestinian prisoners Sunday in the second stage of a deal with Hamas that brought home soldier Gilad Shalit after five years of captivity in the Gaza Strip...Read Remaining News...

We'll screen shocking images of violence and child abuse that proves Syrian torture policy

shocking images in syria
Shocking Images in Syria
Some of the most graphic images ever to be shown on British television will be screened tomorrow night...Read Remaining News...

Syria death toll hits 5,000 as insurgency spreads

People of Syria with dead body
(Reuters) - More than 5,000 people have been killed in nine months of unrest in Syria, the U.N. human rights chief said, as an insurgency began to overshadow what had initially been street protests against President Bashar al-Assad's 11-year rule...Read Remaining News...

Egypt: American Tear Gas, Policy Loom Over Tahrir Square

Cairo, Egypt
CAIRO -- At the foot of Mohamed Mahmoud Street, just a few feet from the resounding crowds in Tahrir Square, a group of people gathered around a man holding four canisters above his head...Read Remaining News...

Saif al-Islam, Gaddafi’s son, arrested, Libyan commander says

saif al-islam gaddafi
Saif al-Islam Gaddafi
TRIPOLI— Saif al-Islam, the favored son of former Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi, was arrested on the border with Niger while his supporters were trying to smuggle him out of the country, a Libyan commander said Saturday...Read Remaining News...

Saudi authorities on the alert at the time of Hajj

Mecca, Saudi Arabia
AFP - More than two million Muslims begin Friday rites of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, the largest human gathering in the world to Saudi Arabia poses a formidable logistical challenge. "We are mobilizing all possible means to prevent harm (to security) of any pilgrim or a group of pilgrims," ​​said Tuesday the new Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz in Mecca, the holy city of the first Islam located in western Saudi kingdom. Prince Nayef, the Interior Minister and Chairman of the High Commission of the pilgrimage, attended a parade of the security forces and civil defense, which mobilize up to 100,000 men to ensure the smooth running of the hajj...Read Remaining News...

The mystery of 53 dead in Sirte Mahari Hotel casts a new shadow on the CNT

Mystery of 53 dead in Sirte Mahari Hotel
Mystery of 53 dead in Sirte Mahari Hotel
Sirte (Libya) Special Envoy - What happened in the days before the fall of Sirte and the death of Colonel Qaddafi, Thursday, October 20th at the Hotel Mahari? When he returned home, the morning of Saturday, October 22, Faraj Mohammed, near the luxury hotel, found 53 bodies lying on the grass: all men, all shot dead. They were lying on the lawn that slopes gently toward the sea still dark spots indicate the locations where the bodies were. Half of the bodies had their hands tied behind his back and wore casts and bandages, indicating their status as prisoners or wounded. All appear to have been summarily executed judging wounds to the head or the neck. Who are they? Faraj Mohammed claims to have found four people, the people of Sirte, which Ezzeddine Al-Hencheri, former Minister of Gaddafi and Moftah Dabroun, an officer...Read Remaining News...

The UN mandate ends the intervention in Libya

libyan victory
Victory, Libya
AFP - The Security Council of the United Nations ended Thursday to warrant the use of force in Libya, seven months after the start of the intervention against the Gaddafi regime, despite calls from the transitional government of Libya for its extension. A Council resolution adopted unanimously, ends the no-fly zone and the authorization of the use of force to protect civilians, as of 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Time Jamahiriya) on October 31. For its part, NATO, which had supported the military operations, is scheduled to meet Friday in Brussels to formally declare the end of the air strikes despite calls from the new regime...Read Remaining News...

Saudi: Nayef named Crown Prince a week after the death of his brother

prince nayef bin abdul aziz
Prince Nayef, Saudi Arabia
AFP - The Interior Minister of Saudi Arabia, Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz, 78, was appointed Thursday by a decree of the royal cabinet of the new crown prince oil rich kingdom, one week after the death of his brother, Prince Sultan. Prince Nayef was also confirmed in his post as interior minister and appointed Deputy Prime Minister, becoming the first in the order of succession in the country. According to the decree issued by state television, the king decided to appoint "Prince Nayef Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior."..Read Remaining News...

Gaddafi son wants to surrender to ICC, says NTC

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi
Saif al-Islam Gaddafi
(Reuters) - Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, who once vowed to die fighting on Libyan soil, now wants to face international justice instead and avoid any chance of meeting the same grisly end as his father, Libyan officials said...Read Remaining News...

The crown prince and defense minister of Saudi Arabia died.

Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz
AFP - The heir to the Saudi throne, Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, died Saturday at more than 80 years, while King Abdullah, 87, is hospitalized in Saudi Arabia, amid turmoil in the Arab world. Prince Sultan, half-brother of the king, "has died of an illness Saturday at dawn abroad", the royal palace announced in a press release stating that the funeral would take place Tuesday in Riyadh. Long ill, Prince Sultan died in the United States, while President Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen neighbor, is challenged for almost nine months by the street while in Syria and the bloody suppression of demonstrations against the regime Bashar al-Assad continues...Read Remaining News...

"Colonel Gddafi killed in crossfire "

Dead Gaddafi
In Libya, Colonel Muammar Gddafi: Sirte officials say that the former king and his loyalists were killed in crossfire between government troops.

Acting Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril said the interim government which the encounter between the soldiers and loyalists Gddafi shot in the head.

He confirmed that Colonel Gddafi was caught alive but died before reaching hospital. Director of attack by NATO meeting in the next few hours to finish the bomb attacks in Libya may announce...Read Remaining News...

Giland Shalit freed in exchange for hundreds of Palestinians.
giland shalit

TEL NOF AIR BASE (AFP) - Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, appeared frail but happy, was released Tuesday after more than five years in prison by Hamas in exchange for about 500 Palestinian prisoners, under an unprecedented agreement . Event "Gilad is returned home," said the spokesman of the army, General Yoav Mordechai, by calling it "good" health status of the soldier kept secret throughout his time in captivity at the hands the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas in power in the Gaza Strip. "I feel in good health" after the "long years," said Gilad Shalit himself in his first statement on Egyptian television, according to the Arabic translation of his words in Hebrew. Outlining a smile sometimes, it is nevertheless appeared pale and sometimes had to catch his breath.

Transferred from Gaza to Egypt before returning home, he thanked all those who participated in its expansion adding: "I missed my family, my friends." He also hoped that his release against that of hundreds of Palestinians "would help to achieve peace." Aged 25 years, Gilad Shalit, who also French nationality, then arrived in Israel where he met his parents in the Tel Nof Air Force Base (South), in the presence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister of Defense Ehud Barak and Chief of Staff, General Benny Gantz. "Gilad Hello, welcome to your return to Israel. It's good to have you home," he said Netanyahu quoting the words of a famous folk song, according to his office...Read Remaining News...