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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Britain's oldest 20-year-old man has the body of a 160-year-old due to rare condition

20-year-old man
Dean Andrews, 20, has told of his life with progeria, a rare ageing disease

I'm aged just 20... but have the body of a 160-year-old man

# Dean has progeria, which means his body ages eight times faster than normal
# He says: 'I've never let the condition hold me back'

Europe’s oldest sufferer of a rare ageing disease has told how in just 20 years his body has become that of a 160-year-old.

Dean Andrews' body has aged eight times faster than normal due to a rare condition called Hutchinson-Gilford progeria.

He is one of just four progeria sufferers in the UK and out of only 74 cases worldwide, Dean is thought to be the second oldest survivor.

Now Dean has decided to tell the story of his life so far in the hope of providing inspiration to other sufferers.

He said: 'I’ve never let my condition hold me back. I’ve always tried to do what everyone else does and even if I failed, at least I tried.

'My family have kept me going and I’ve got very supportive friends. I’m very lucky as they do everything they can to make me happy.'

Dean weighs just 3st 10lbs - but his small body holds a big personality.

In his 20 years, Dean has learnt to drive, been engaged, got four tattoos and once even started a mechanics course at college. However, he was forced to quit when he was unable to get his tiny 4ft 1in frame over the cars’ bonnets.
family photo
Dean with his mother Dawn Thomas, 41, and her husband Wayne, 43

Nevertheless, his achievements are astounding considering that when he was diagnosed with progeria at the age of seven, his mother Dawn Thomas, 41, was told he would not live beyond his early teens.

Back then, the condition was so poorly documented that most doctors had never even heard of it.

Dawn said: 'When Dean was about six months old I noticed he was a lot smaller than he should have been. He was still wearing clothes for a 0-3-month-old baby but the health visitors told me not to worry.

'They said he was just small and there was nothing wrong with him but I carried on taking him to the doctor regularly because his appetite was small.'

In other ways Dean’s development was quite normal, but when he started walking at the age of 18 months, Dawn noticed that he would tire more easily than her other children

Dawn said: 'We would be walking along the street and he would complain that his legs were hurting. At first I just thought he was lazy but then I noticed there were certain things he couldn’t do, like cross his legs during assembly at school.'

The mystery was eventually explained when a geneticist broke the news that he had progeria.

Dawn said: 'The day before we were told, the doctor rang up and told us to come in and said that I should bring someone with me. I knew then that it was bad. I thought it might even be cancer because his hair used to fall out so easily.

'There was so little information available about progeria at that time that I basically had to teach myself everything. All we were told was that Dean was ageing eight times faster than normal and that he would probably not live past 13.

'I didn’t know how to break it to Dean at that time because he was so young. I just told him that he had a growth problem.

'It was really hard to take and I ended up on anti-depressants but it was Dean himself who gave me hope, he never let anything get him down.'

Dawn lives in Birmingham with Dean, her husband Wayne, 43, and children Sophie, 15, and Lewis, 12. She also has an older son Nathan, 23, a warehouse assistant, and fosters her niece Annabel Timby, 14.

She split with Dean’s father Mark Andrews, at that time an airport baggage handler, in 1998 and met Wayne around the time of her son’s crushing diagnosis.

Now both Dawn and Wayne devote their lives to Dean’s full-time care at their council terrace home in Erdington.

She said: 'We have just tried to make every moment count for him as best we could. I’ve never tried to treat him any differently or tell him that he couldn’t do something, if he wanted to try something he would have a go.'

Dean said: 'When I was at primary school I wasn’t really aware that there was anything different about me.

'I only really became aware of my condition when I was about 13 and it was decided that I should go to a special school.'

Progeria causes rapid ageing and sufferers of the genetic disease are prone to arthritis, eye problems, heart disease and baldness.

By the age of 10, most progeria children look like octogenerians. They are said to age at eight times the normal rate, meaning Dean has survived the equivalent of 160 years of ageing.

Dean’s poor prognosis meant doctors expected him to be profoundly disabled before he hit his teens, so Dawn and Wayne decided to send him to special school where the facilities were adapted for wheelchairs.

However, Dean defied medics’ grim predictions and excelled at school, helping his teachers with the other students’ needs and taking part in plenty of after-school activities.

Dean added: 'I had a lot of friends at school and I took part in a lot of after-school clubs. I also did swimming competitions and we went on trips.

'The only time it ever bothered me were when my friends wanted to go theme parks, which I loved, but I was not tall enough to go on most of the rides so I would just stay at home.

'I loved hockey and skateboarding and riding my bike - all the same things as other teenagers.

'I also loved playing football and even though some of the other kids were a bit taller than me, I never let it hold me back.'

Dawn was wary of letting doctors use her son as a guinea pig for untested treatments. She did not want him to receive hormone treatment to kickstart his growth and, at the age of 14, Dean himself refused invasive surgery to correct his jaw.

Apart from an operation to repair damage caused by frequent ear infections, Dean’s health was relatively good all through his teenage years and he amazed doctors with his progress.

He said: 'When I got to about 15, I noticed that I couldn’t lift my legs high enough to peddle my bike anymore but I just rode my little sister’s one instead.

'My friends all had mini-motorbikes around that time too and I struggled to sit comfortably on one. But I still had a go at everything from quad biking to skateboarding.

sexy girls
Dean aged 13, being lifted by models at Max Power car show

'If my mate jumped over a wall I would be there right behind him, trying to scramble over it.'

A Birmingham City fan his whole life, Dean was named the club’s disabled supporter of the year and presented with an award by Emile Heskey in 2005.

As a fan of fast cars, Dean began driving lessons at 17 and passed his test first time. He then found love with a girl named Emily, who would later become his fiancee, although sadly the relationship ended earlier this year.

Dean was living life to the full, but then in November last year tragedy struck.

After suffering frequent breathlessness Dean was admitted to hospital with suspected pneumonia. But when doctors investigated, they found he was suffering from irreversible heart failure.

He now spends most of his days at home where Dawn tends to his every need.

Doctors cannot say how much longer he has left and he must take a cocktail of medications every day. Nevertheless, Dean remains characteristically upbeat.

He said: 'I went to the progeria reunion last year and met Hayley Okines, Harry Crowther and Ashanti Smith - the other three sufferers in the UK. It was great to be able to show them what I’ve done with my life and to give them a bit of inspiration.

'Heart failure has changed my life a lot and I can’t do a lot of the things that I used to, but I have my family and friends around me and they keep me going.

After suffering frequent breathlessness Dean was admitted to hospital with suspected pneumonia. But when doctors investigated, they found he was suffering from irreversible heart failure.

He now spends most of his days at home where Dawn tends to his every need.

Doctors cannot say how much longer he has left and he must take a cocktail of medications every day. Nevertheless, Dean remains characteristically upbeat.

He said: 'I went to the progeria reunion last year and met Hayley Okines, Harry Crowther and Ashanti Smith - the other three sufferers in the UK. It was great to be able to show them what I’ve done with my life and to give them a bit of inspiration.

'Heart failure has changed my life a lot and I can’t do a lot of the things that I used to, but I have my family and friends around me and they keep me going.

'There’s nothing they would not do for me and I’m very lucky to be so loved.'

Dean says there are some things he would like to do in the time he has left. He would love to meet his idol comedian Leigh Francis - known for his character Keith Lemon - and he hopes to make it to the next progeria reunion in September, which takes place in Italy.

These days, he loves nothing more than relaxing in a jacuzzi to soothe his swollen limbs - a side affect of the heart failure - but the NHS withdrew his hydrotherapy funding last year. He is currently trying to find somewhere local that will allow him to use their facilities.

Dawn said: 'We are so proud of Dean and everything that he has achieved but I also feel he has missed out on so much.

'Now we are just trying to make the time he has left as comfortable and as happy for him as possible.'

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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Amy Childs shows off her curves in a pretty polkadot bikini

nude girls
Amy Child
She has become one of the most well-known celebrities in the UK this year thanks to her role in The Only Way Is Essex and Celebrity Big Brother.

But her success in 2011 is nothing compared to what Amy Childs is hoping to achieve next year.

Before embarking on 2012, however, Amy decided to treat herself to a celebratory holiday in Spain with her brother Will.

The 21-year-old redhead, who now stars in her own Channel 5 reality show It's All About Amy, hit the beach in a pretty pink and white polkadot bikini as she soaked up the sunshine and enjoying a cooling dip in the water.

Amy teamed her curve-boosting two-piece with a huge pair of sunglasses, and did her best to keep her long red hair away from the water as she messed around in the sea with her sibling.

The former TOWIE star was enjoying a relaxing break in Spain ahead of celebrating the New Year with friends and family.

And, if recent reports are to be believed, Amy has a lot to look forward to over the next 12 months.

Since quitting TOWIE and appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, Amy has been named the new face of Ultimo boss Michelle Mone's Bra Queen range for Tesco, as well as releasing a fitness DVD and opening her own beauty salon in Brentwood, Essex - taking her estimated earnings for 2011 to £1.5million.

It was claimed yesterday that if Amy continues at the same rate of success in 2012, she could make up to an astonishing £10million.

sexy girls
Amy Child

A source told The Sun: 'Money will just flow in now. She can keep reinventing herself like Katie Price.

'If she is managed carefully £10 million is very achievable.'

But when asked what her resolutions are for 2012, Amy had slightly more modest aims.

She said: 'I'm going to calm down on the fake tan - I've started to look more natural, but Amy Childs' tan, from my salon, is really good.

'I also want to stop pouting because it's a bad habit. It's time I started smiling again.'

Hot on Amy's tail on the TOWIE rich list, however, is her fellow Essex star Mark Wright, who is thought to have the capability to make himself £9million in 2012.

The source added: 'Mark's earnings can hit £9million but he must be clever and market himself quickly.
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Friday, December 30, 2011

Kelly Brook shows off her hourglass figure in sexy shoot

nude girls
Kelly Brook
She's widely considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, with millions of women looking up to her for being a positive role model for curvier ladies.

And now Kelly Brook has come forward to insist that while she might not look like some of the stereotypical models, such as Gisele Bundchen, she is proud of her figure.

Kelly made the admission as she showed off her hourglass curves by wearing just a patterned skirt in a sexy new shot for British Glamour magazine's Happy Body Issue.

She said: 'I’ve never been a size zero, and I’ve always had a really good relationship with my body.  I don’t diet, I don’t do crazy exercise.

'I’m not perfect - I don’t look like Gisele.  But there’s someone out there for everyone to look up to and emulate.  So if I’m the curvy one, that’s fine by me, I don’t mind.'
kelly brook with boyfriend
Kelly Brook with boyfriend
Kelly also spoke in the interview about how her relationship with boyfriend Thom Evans was strengthened following her tragic miscarriage in May.

The 32-year-old model, who lost the baby girl she had been expecting, said: 'I own everything to him, really.

'I’d do anything for him - I was a monster at some points, because your hormones are so all over the place.

'It’s bad enough when women have that time of the month let alone going through that.'

Talking about how she was supported by the public through the difficult time, Kelly explained: 'I found that women approached me and wanted to talk about things that they’d been through themselves.

'I think they probably take comfort in knowing that even though you seem to have a very blessed life, bad things happen to you and it’s not your fault.

'It happen to a lot of people, and it’s not such a taboo.

'It’s just one of those things, and probably the only positive thing to come out of something like that is that you can talk to people about it.'

And now Kelly and Thom, who are currently holidaying in Capri, Italy, are looking ahead to 2012, hoping to continue being a 'normal couple'.

Kelly explained: 'We’ve just had such a stressful year.  We’re happy to take a bit of a breather, work on our projects and spend some time together doing fun things.

'We never really had that opportunity when we first met… at the moment we’re being spontaneous, loving our new place and going shopping for cute tings for our house.  Just being a normal couple really.'

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Answering all the questions you never knew you had

sexy boobs
Good shaped nails
Why do we have finger- and toenails?

You were born with built-in multitools, and you’re complaining? Think about it: What else can be used to fight off bears, open beers, and operate scratch ’n’ sniff stickers? According to Ellen Miller, an anthropologist at Wake Forest University, our ancestors used nails to pick up food, grasp trees, and basically not die. Today our nails still protect our digits, give them über-precision handling, and let us soulfully strum acoustics. And while you may not use your sock-blocked toenails for much, our ancestors used their feet like a second set of hands for tasks like peeling fruit and stripping bark. Fun fact: Our nails are made from the protein keratin—the same stuff that’s found in hooves and horns. So next time you give someone the finger, tell him you’re a unicorn!

Why can’t I drive a hovercraft around like a normal car?

Because you need turn signals for it to be street-legal. And because it won’t last long on your town’s pot-holed roads. Hovercrafts work by floating on a cushion of high-pressure air, which is kept in place by a balloon-like “skirt,” says University of Virginia physicist Louis Bloomfield. But while this air cushion tends to stay put grazing over even surfaces such as water, uneven roads give the trapped air escape routes and would cause your flying car to fall flat.

Is it possible to get permanently high?

Nope! “The brain eventually adapts to the drug, and it loses its effect,” says Wilkie A. Wilson, Ph.D., professor of pharmacology at Duke University Medical Center and coauthor of Buzzed. “In fact, the brain tends to adapt to anything that is repetitive—which is why we seek novel experiences in our lives.” That’s not to say that substances can’t seriously mess up your mind. Stimulants like methamphetamine and cocaine can cause long-term psychosis, which is less like being high and more like being shit-your-pants crazy.

How can I open a beer bottle with my teeth?

Trendspotting and an avid opener of beer bottles, tells us how it’s done. Decide on a beer and grab some gum. Unwrap two sticks.

Use one stick to cover the bottoms and insides of your front teeth like you would with a strip of that teeth-whitening crap.

Take the second piece and add gum coverage to the insides and tops of your bottom teeth. Be sure to coat as many of these biters as possible, since this is where the pressure will be.

Put the top of the bottle in your mouth, chomp down as hard as you can, and turn. Don’t pull—just turn. Keep at it for about a minute and the cap will pop out. Like a girl who ties the cherry stem, you will get quite a few fellas aroused.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Minute Shopping Tips for Guys

Maxim Model
We got some help from an AskMen editor to save your procrastinating ass.

Last year you left your holiday shopping to the last minute. It stressed you out, you spent way more money than you had to, and, as you downed a pitcher of Wild Turkey to numb the pain, you also swore you'd never find yourself in the same hole next year. Well, it's next year!

That’s why us guys at AskMen teamed up with Maxim to tell you how to pull off last-minute shopping like a pro. (The Maxim guys disappeared the moment we mentioned "pitcher of Wild Turkey.")

You Have: 24 Hours Left
Lucky you, a whole day. Your first instinct is to use the Internet -- but you’re wrong. Because you’re so late in the game, you’ve missed the shipping deadline, which means you’ll have to hit the mall. Yes, the mall, where you’ll find yourself spending 20 minutes looking for parking and get stuck in line behind a snot factory masquerading as a five-year-old brat. (Quit, eyeballin' us, you little jerk!) You know what? Suck it up -- it’s the price you pay for leaving it till the eleventh hour.

Focus on one store, like a department store, so you can get in and get out. If you’re shopping for her, things like lingerie -- as long as it’s lingerie for her body type -- will be just fine. In fact, in a survey I took among the women at AskMen, they all said they’d love lingerie. And they’re hot, so it doesn’t get more valid than that. Also, since we know you’ve been hanging on to her every last word this year, getting her favorite author’s latest book or her favorite musician’s latest album works. Sometimes small, thoughtful gestures like these deliver a lot of impact.

You Have: Half A Day Left
Forget about the mall; at this point, all you’ll find left are those I’m-not-putting-out-tonight pajamas. Believe it or not, the local chain drugstore is your best bet. A lot of them sell gift-worthy stuff, like perfumes and beauty products for her (we recommend Lola by Marc Jacobs), and electronics for the guys in your life (tablets, Blu-ray players, digital cameras, etc.). Sure, it may seem unsettling knowing that you’re offering a gift to your loved one from the same place you buy your condoms, but remember: No one’s going to know where that perfume came from.

You Have: Less Than Five Minutes Left
Relax, it’s totally doable -- now’s when you go online and buy things that are for a future date. For example, buying tickets to an upcoming concert or a show she wants to see, or booking a weekend getaway in the new year. Just print out the paperwork, stick it in a card and surprise her with it.

You Have: Zero Minutes Left
For some of you, it’s game over. For the rest, you’ll have to convince her that what you got her is on the way, which usually calls for something extravagant or custom-made. But that’s another article.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jersey Shore's JWoww promises a perfect tan with her own gravity-defying bikini line

Jenni 'Jwoww' Farley of The Jersey Shore is well known for her love of a head-to-toe fake permatan.

But with summer around the corner, the bronze goddess has decided to improve on the real thing.

JWoww announced today that she has teamed up with Perfect Tan Bikini to design a line of swimwear that dispenses with the tricky issue of tan lines altogether.

The gravity-defying bikini has a unique fabrication that allows you to remove the straps of the top, while the cups stays in place.

Every style is lined with a silicon based adhesive called Stick2, which is activated by body temperature.

'The warmer you get, the more it stays in place!' the press release boasts.

There is no mention made as to whether the adhesive is waterproof.

Quite how the top comes off is also not clear, and unless you have access to an air-conditioned hotel room, removal sounds like it could be painful.

The company assures us however that the adhesives can be reused up to 20 times and can be reactivated 'by the heat of a blow dryer, or a simple hair straightening iron' - another frightening prospect.

On her Facebook page today Jenni gushed: 'I am so excited to announce the launch of my new bikini line, JWOWW by Perfect Tan Bikini.

It is the perfect combo of sexy and functional. You are gonna love it!'

Season 5 of The Jersey Shore will return to MTV on January 5th

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Merry ChristMoss: Kate slips into some lingerie for new ad campaign

sexy girls
Kate Moss
It might be cold outside but Kate Moss doesn't appear to be having any trouble keeping warm.

Draped across an unmade bed, the supermodel slipped into some underwear and stockings, posing seductively for lingerie brand Valisere.

And the 37-year-old is proving she is still in enviable shape.

Looking flawless in the Triumph brand's designs, Kate will no doubt help shift the underwear in time for Christmas - as hundreds of men rush out to create a similar look for their partners at home.

The model does her best Brigitte Bardot impression with backcombed, tousled hair and come-to-bed stare.

This is not the first time Kate has modeled for the brand.

Last year, Kate appeared in a similar shoot, looking equally glamorous.

The mother-of-one recently came under fire for 'copying' a jewelery ad campaign.

Kate was modeling her own collection of jewellery designed for French brand Fred, which contains a number of pieces inspired by her many tattoos.

The pictures were taken by Sonia Sieff and show Kate in a sexy 'come-hither' pose with tousled blonde hair.

Last year, Kate was photographed by Peter Lindbergh in a campaign for David Yurman's Spring 2011 collection in which she also appears with tousled hair and sultry pose.

The similarities between the pictures have been slammed by Kate's previous employer who say they are used to people copying them.

'The Fred campaign is embarrassingly similar to the one David Yurman ran a year ago,' a spokesperson for Yurman said.

But judging by these pictures, it seems wispy hair and sultry poses are Kate's signature look.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bikini girl LeAnn Rimes and husband Eddie Cibrian raise the temperature with a steamy show of affection

short bikini
LeAnn Rimes with her Husband

Things got a lot hotter in Mexico yesterday as bikini-clad LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian put on a steamy display.

The loved-up couple couldn't keep their hands nor lips off one another as they watched the sun go down on the balcony of their Cabo hotel.

Slipping her slim frame into yet another string bikini, LeAnn, 29 and Eddie, enjoyed cocktails at sunset.

With his arms wrapped around his slender wife, the former Playboy Club actor pulled her in for a lingering kiss.

Of course, LeAnn happily obliged staring longingly into her handsome hubby's eyes as they enjoyed endless smooches and cuddles.

While LeAnn has come under fire for her super slim figure, Eddie certainly seemed to approve, with admiring his wife's body in her purple sparkly and lace two-piece .

Sipping on a Corona beer, the handsome star wore a black t-shirt, checked boardshorts and a baseball cap.

LeAnn, who was clutching on a flute of champagne, seemingly spotted something out at sea, making the couple erupt into a fit of giggles.

The pair are staying at the ultra-exclusive One & Only Palmilla, where the average price per night is over $750 US.

Earlier this year LeAnn was approached in a Chicago restaurant by a diner who bluntly told her: 'You need to eat something.'

Furiously the star took to Twitter in rebuttal, posting: ‘How dare someone come to me at a table w/ the boys and tell me I need to eat something.'

She has often taken to Twitter to document what she has eaten since the incident.

Yesterday it was no exception with LeAnn tweeting from fully-stocked beach bar.

'My man's & a FULL tequila bar!....sushi too,' she wrote.

Today, the star, who is often seen wearing a bikini, took time out to use Twitter to promote one of her favourite swimsuit lines.

The gold bedazzled bikini, which she slipped into to frolic around the sands of Mexico with Eddie last year, apparently has since sold like hotcakes.

'Some guy at the restaurant just told me I owed him money because his wife had to have the gold @BeachBunnySwim bikini I had last year. Funny,' LeAnn wrote on her Twitter.

Earlier today, the couple indulged in some early morning horseback riding which LeAnn described as 'magical'.

'Wow, horseback riding on the sand was magical! Gorgeous day already. Very spiritual morning,' she wrote on the social networking page.

LeAnn and Eddie, who married in April, jetted out for their romantic getaway from LAX over the weekend.

It seems LeAnn may have had some trouble on the plane after tweeting: 'So happy my hubby speaks Spanish cause they didn't have English customs forms on the plane. There are some VERY confused people.'

And before the pair's trip, the country singer revealed she had been stocking up on her said swimwear.

'Take out day & I'm in charge, but not before a little Diane's Beachwear shopping for a hat. :) #getmeonaplanenow,' she wrote.

But after they landed the singer could relax properly but still has since made sure to tweet plently of updates with pictures of her and Eddie looking suitably loved up.

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Venezuelan pin-up Aída Yéspica shows she is still at her beauty queen best as she slips her dangerous curves into a tiny bikini

short bikini
Aída Yéspica
She made quite the impression when she competed in Miss Venezuela just under a decade ago.

But Aída Yéspica showed that she's still got the body of a beauty queen as she hit the beach in Miami.

The 29-year-old former Miss Amazonas flaunted her dangerous curves in a tiny orange bikini.

Tanned and toned she looked at her prize winning best with not an inch to pinch on the South American model.

The brunette beauty enjoyed some time with her three-year-old son Aron Ferrari.

The toddlers father is her former boyfriend, footballer Matteo Ferrari.

Although she never won the Miss Venezuela 2002 contest, her figure left a lasting impression with the press.

Aida is a big star in Italy where she has graced the covers of Maxim and GQ.

In addition to her relationship with Matteo, she has been romantically linked to footballer Adrian Mutu.

Ex Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi reportedly once told her: 'With you I'd go anywhere.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chloe Green shows off her curves in a black bikini

sexy girls
Chloe Green
Her father is known for his rotund appearance but that clearly isn't something that runs in the family.

Chloe Green hit the beach today in a revealing bikini that showed off her enviable body.

The 20-year-old wore a black strapless bikini and had her hair in a long single plait before tying it up into a loose bun.

It wasn't long ago that she was surrounded by her new best friends on reality show Made In Chelsea.

The multi-billion pound heiress is in Barbados for her annual Christmas trip to the island.

The former reality TV star didn't seem to mind being on her own but didn't venture very far into the sea and only got her legs wet.

Chloe, who previously dated Made In Chelsea star Ollie Locke, was on the same beach this time last year.

With no family or friends in sight the budding fashion designer splashed in the waves by herself.

She kept all of her jewellery on including a necklace, earrings and a large silver watch.

Chloe must like all things nautical as her bikini revealed a tattoo in the shape of an anchor.

The design sits on her right hip and is an indication that she enjoys spending time in the sea.

Unfortunately for Miss Green her sunny escape hadn't gotten off to the best start as the Caribbean weather turned sour.

She tweeted: 'So nice to be away! Can't believe it raining :( just my luck luckily its just day 1 #christmasholiday XXX (sic).'

Her mood changed later in the day however when she posted: 'Sun is out so happy!! Xxx.'

The Green family usually spend the Christmas and New Year period at the five-star Sandy Lane Hotel in a $25,000-a-night villa.

Along with annual Christmas visitors Simon Cowell and Michael Winner, other celebrity guests who have spent Christmas on the island include Gary Lineker, The Sugababes and Rihanna.

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'Strong is the new sexy': Fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee shows off her muscular physique on the beach

Jennifer Nicole Lee
Jennifer Nicole Lee
Jennifer Nicole Lee is once again intent on sending out her inspirational fitness messages.

And she was doing it the best way she knows how today, by flaunting her extremely toned and tanned figure in very little.

The 36-year-old raised temperatures in Miami by slipping into a pair of red bikini bottoms.

And instead of wearing the matching top, she pulled on a white cropped vest instead, with the words 'Strong is the new sexy' emblazoned across the chest.

The attire left little to the imagination, mostly due to the fact it was see-through, especially after getting drenched from the sea water.

Not content with just relaxing on the sand, Jennifer indulged in some fitness moves, stretching out in a back-bend.

Later she washed off the sand by stepping under an outdoor shower alongside other beachgoers.

The fitness model is no stranger to attention grabbing and skimpy attire.

Earlier this week she slipped on a very small metallic bikini to go for a ride on a green bike.

Maneuvering her mode of fitness transport along the boardwalk, she wore the swimsuit and a pair of sandals and nothing else.

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