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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Royal photographer laid bare: Lord Lichfield's collection of nudes displayed for the first time in new exhibition

jennifer nicole lee nude
A nude woman is captured climbing the escalator in Moscow

He was famed for his royal commissions - capturing The Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer on their wedding day.

But while he was busy snapping the upper echelons of society, the late Patrick Litchfield also had his lens fixed on the female figure.

Revealed for the first time, his lesser-known collection of nudes are the subject of a new London exhibition.

naked girls
the 5th Earl of Lichfield, who was the Queen's first cousin

Opening today, images include Good Morning America, a 1990 picture of a woman in a see-through silk dress looking down on Central Park in New York.

Also featured are Checker Cab - a topless model in the back of a New York taxi - and Moscow Underground from 1989.

While Sixties icon Marsha Hunt, English actress Tracy Reed, Australia's best-known pin-up girl Karen Pini and Bianca Jagger are some of named subjects to appear.

photo of nakedgirls
Checker Cab - a topless model in the back of a New York taxi

Lichfield - the 5th Earl of Lichfield, who was the Queen's first cousin once removed - didn't use his title in his professional life and first used a camera at the age of seven, taking pictures of his family and scenes at his home, Shugborough Hall in Staffordshire.

He went on to work for magazines around the world including Life and Vogue, and published several books after getting his big break photographing the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

He was the official photographer at the wedding of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana in 1981 and was chosen by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh to take official pictures of her Golden Jubilee in 2002.

Christie’s photography expert Philippe Garner believes the nude portraits show Lichfield at his best.

'What he was known for was celebrating style and glamour. His nudes are a natural extension of what he did.

'Essentially, his photographs tended to be the stuff of dreams. He was a dandy and was somebody who, if he saw an opportunity to make life beautiful, felt he had a duty to do so,' he told the Evening Standard.

He died in 2005 aged 66 after suffering a major stroke. He had recently taken portraits of Baroness Thatcher to mark her 80th birthday.

Following the news of his death she said: 'Patrick Lichfield was not only one of the most talented and professional of photographers, he was also an absolute delight to sit for.'

beautiful girls
Lichfield first used a camera at the age of seven, taking pictures of his family

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Answering all the questions you never knew you had

sexy boobs
Good shaped nails
Why do we have finger- and toenails?

You were born with built-in multitools, and you’re complaining? Think about it: What else can be used to fight off bears, open beers, and operate scratch ’n’ sniff stickers? According to Ellen Miller, an anthropologist at Wake Forest University, our ancestors used nails to pick up food, grasp trees, and basically not die. Today our nails still protect our digits, give them ├╝ber-precision handling, and let us soulfully strum acoustics. And while you may not use your sock-blocked toenails for much, our ancestors used their feet like a second set of hands for tasks like peeling fruit and stripping bark. Fun fact: Our nails are made from the protein keratin—the same stuff that’s found in hooves and horns. So next time you give someone the finger, tell him you’re a unicorn!

Why can’t I drive a hovercraft around like a normal car?

Because you need turn signals for it to be street-legal. And because it won’t last long on your town’s pot-holed roads. Hovercrafts work by floating on a cushion of high-pressure air, which is kept in place by a balloon-like “skirt,” says University of Virginia physicist Louis Bloomfield. But while this air cushion tends to stay put grazing over even surfaces such as water, uneven roads give the trapped air escape routes and would cause your flying car to fall flat.

Is it possible to get permanently high?

Nope! “The brain eventually adapts to the drug, and it loses its effect,” says Wilkie A. Wilson, Ph.D., professor of pharmacology at Duke University Medical Center and coauthor of Buzzed. “In fact, the brain tends to adapt to anything that is repetitive—which is why we seek novel experiences in our lives.” That’s not to say that substances can’t seriously mess up your mind. Stimulants like methamphetamine and cocaine can cause long-term psychosis, which is less like being high and more like being shit-your-pants crazy.

How can I open a beer bottle with my teeth?

Trendspotting and an avid opener of beer bottles, tells us how it’s done. Decide on a beer and grab some gum. Unwrap two sticks.

Use one stick to cover the bottoms and insides of your front teeth like you would with a strip of that teeth-whitening crap.

Take the second piece and add gum coverage to the insides and tops of your bottom teeth. Be sure to coat as many of these biters as possible, since this is where the pressure will be.

Put the top of the bottle in your mouth, chomp down as hard as you can, and turn. Don’t pull—just turn. Keep at it for about a minute and the cap will pop out. Like a girl who ties the cherry stem, you will get quite a few fellas aroused.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why Beach Volleyball is the hottest sport ever

hot girls
Player of Beach Volleyball
Beach volleyball is a sport. With boobies.  It would appear that the object of the game is to hit the volleyball over the net and ground it on the other side of the net to gain points.

The real objective, however, is to see how long you can oogle gorgeous women in bikinis before anyone realizes you are paying no attention whatsoever to the game.

There is also men's beach volleyball. Men's beach volleyball is for queers.

The first recorded beach volleyball game took place in Waikiki, Hawaii. The sport was popularized in Southern California. Analysts blame the lack of beautiful, tanned women in bikinis in states such as New Jersey.

The game skyrocketed in popularity when men came to the realization that this was a chance for them to be able to stare at hot women in bikinis running around for a while and not get called perverts. Tennis has also seen a rise in popularity due to this trend, but beach volleyball players are wearing much less than tennis players. Plus, the chance of a top coming off is significantly higher than in tennis.

Before starting a game of beach volleyball, there are two very important things players must do:

1. Stretch out. Preliminary stretching both loosens one's muscles to make them more flexible and agile, but also prevents muscle injuries.

2. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water in order to prevent dehydration.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The starlet Lindsay Lohan agrees to pose nude for Playboy.

Lindsay Lohan
AFP - The U.S. starlet Lindsay Lohan, which multiplies the misconduct earning him legal problems for several months, agreed to pose nude for Playboy magazine against just under one million dollars, reported Tuesday the website TMZ. According to the site specializes in celebrity news, Lindsay Lohan wanted to touch $ 1 million for such a series of pictures and had already refused an offer of $ 750,000 from the magazine of charm. But the Playboy boss Hugh Hefner has returned to the charge with an offer less than they asked for, but close enough, however, that the starlet agrees, according to TMZ, which specifies that the shoot would have started the weekend .

Questioned by AFP, a spokesman for the actress said: "I confirms nor denies this information." Playboy declined to comment. Lindsay Lohan, whose parole was revoked on October 19 after yet another misdemeanor, missed the day after his first visit to the morgue in Los Angeles, where she must perform community service. Justice had his parole revoked because she violated her probation in a theft case. 

In May, Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 120 days in jail - purged at home - and 480 hours of community service for stealing a necklace estimated at $ 2,500. She had to meet its community service in a social center for women, but missed nine appointments and remained at times an hour on the spot, instead of the four required.

The theft of the necklace was already a violation of a previous probation, for a case of driving while intoxicated and possession of drugs. Lindsay Lohan, seen in the movies "The Last Show" and "Herbie: Fully Loaded", is a former star of the Disney studios. His antics have earned him numerous detoxification and several stays in prison.