Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lauren Goodger wears swimsuits to nightclubs

Lauren Goodger wears swimsuits
Lauren Goodger wears swimsuits
Lauren Goodger is in Miami. We know this because she is updating her Twitter about every ten seconds telling us about how she's in Miami. She also REALLY likes it in Miami, and seems to think that they have magic sun that doesn't burn your skin, but that's by the by.

Despite being all the way over in the US, Lauren hasn't given up her new favourite hobby - tweeting pictures of herself half naked. The pictures might be a reaction to claims she made on her Twitter earlier this week about paps 'editing' pictures of her to make her look bad.

In response, Lauren's hit back with a picture of herself doing that pouty thing that a lot of girls like to do in pictures while in a club in her swimming costume.

Lauren Goodger

She also tweeted the words: 'Who cares about hair n make heyyyyy! Day to night is the wayyy x'

Well we'll see what they say about that when you get back to Essex love - this will NOT go down well with Chloe Sims.

One person who was very much appreciating Lauren's near nakedness was Frankie Essex - sister of Joey - who was spotted giving her bottom a sly squeeze while they partied at Nicki Beach.

The pair were drinking champagne and vodka and Lauren tweeted that she'd changed her flight so she could stay out in Miami for longer.

Now excuse us, we've got a NORMAL MONDAY AFTERNOON to get on with. It's a bloody good job it's sunny.

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