Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Expected large student demonstration in London today

Large student demonstration in London

REUTERS - Thousands of students should show Wednesday in the streets of London against the austerity measures the government, framed by a large deployment of police officers anxious to avoid all violence. The protests, aimed in particular the policy of the Conservative government in education, should be the most important since the four days of riots that hit London and other cities in England in August. End of 2010, other events had escalated into clashes with police. The limousine of Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles had been particularly attacked by the crowd.

Students denounce plans to reform the education system, which they say is similar to the privatization, and have continued to challenge the increase in university fees decided last year. The slogan of the event, however, has expanded to denounce the reform of social minima in the context of austerity imposed by the government, anxious to reduce a budget deficit reaching almost 11% of gross domestic product. Students could be reached by including electricians and taxi drivers, who have provided their own groups, as well as demonstrators of the movement "Occupy" camped in the square of the Cathedral of St. Paul.

Anarchist movements have also announced their intention to make the trip. Wednesday's rallies have a test case for the London police, heavily criticized after the riots of August. Police planned to mobilize some 4,000 officers Wednesday, almost double a typical day. The planned route of the event is the lead near the London Stock Exchange, and police have warned that a device would be put in place to ensure that the site is targeted.

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