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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Sarkozy addresses Netanyahu of "liar" to Obama in private

AFP - Nicolas Sarkozy has called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of "liar" during a private conversation, November 3 at the G20 in Cannes, with Barack Obama, who answered duty "to deal with it every day," says Freeze website images. "I can not see, is a liar," he told the French president. "You're tired of it, but I have to deal with it every day!" Replied his American counterpart, depending on the site that specializes in media analysis, which reports their words without specifying whether there is a sound recording of these statements. Sarkozy-Obama Exchange, held in camera, should have remained confidential but reached the ears of journalists incidentally, as Stop on images.

The organization released to the media with a small lead boxes to the translation of the press conference Obama-Sarkozy, some journalists have quickly connected headphones or headsets cell phone, managing to capture some echoes of the private conversation depending on the site. Questioned by AFP, several journalists have confirmed this. "I am aware of the buzz. We must see what is the reality of the thing. I have no idea. I will not comment on that. We are on the buzz," responded the carrier word of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bernard Valero, asked during a press briefing, journalists and referring to the Presidency of the Republic for which it "confirm or deny" those words.

"All this makes us lose sight of the essential. All we want is to keep working to get things done because things are not moving" towards peace in the Middle East, said M . Valero, adding he had no knowledge of reactions so far. In Israel, Netanyahu's office was immediately refrained from any reaction, as well as the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The correspondent of the Israeli public radio in France, Gideon Kutz, who covered the summit in Cannes, for his part said that his colleagues who have heard about the private exchanged by MM. Sarkozy and Obama had agreed not to do is "by correction and not to embarrass the Press" at the Elysee.

Freeze frame still says, without citing specific statements that Barack Obama would be criticized for Nicolas Sarkozy in the interview for not having warned that France would vote in favor of the accession of Palestine to UNESCO, while the United States were strongly opposed.
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Romney leads in first four nominating states: poll

(Reuters) - Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney leads his campaign rivals in the four states that kick off the 2012 Republican presidential race, according to CNN/Time/ORC polls released on Wednesday.

Barely more than two months before the first nominating contest, Romney has narrow leads in Iowa and South Carolina and double-digit advantages in New Hampshire and Florida.

Conservative businessman Herman Cain, who surged into the lead in some recent national polls but has faced heightened scrutiny in the past week, is in second place in each state.

A Romney sweep of the first four states to cast votes in the nominating race would put an early end to the battle to find a challenger to President Barack Obama in 2012.

But the polls also found there was plenty of room for more changes in the frequently shifting Republican race. Majorities in Iowa and South Carolina said they might change their minds about their votes, and about half in Florida and New Hampshire said the same.

The polls found Romney with a slight edge in Iowa of 3 percentage points, 24 percent to 21 percent, over Cain. His lead was even smaller, 25 percent to 23 percent, in South Carolina. Both leads were within the polls' margin of error of 5 percentage points.

Iowa and South Carolina have big blocs of conservative voters distrustful of Romney, who as governor of liberal Massachusetts supported abortion rights and a healthcare overhaul that was a precursor of Obama's federal law.

Romney has a big 27-point lead over Cain in New Hampshire, which borders Massachusetts and where Romney has a vacation home. He also has a comfortable 12-point lead, 30 percent to 18 percent, over Cain in Florida.

The polls were taken Thursday through Tuesday, following the most recent Republican debate last week.

Libertarian U.S. Representative Ron Paul was in third place in Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire. In Florida, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Newt Gingrich and Texas Governor Rick Perry were tied for third place.

Iowa kicks off the nominating race on January 3, followed by New Hampshire, which is expected to hold its primary on January 10, South Carolina on January 21 and Florida on January 31.

Romney's support was relatively broad across various political and demographic groups. He led easily among self-styled moderate or liberal Republicans, but also led among Tea Party fiscal conservatives in New Hampshire. He tied Cain among that group in Florida and was second behind Cain with Tea Party voters in Iowa and South Carolina.