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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Woman with two vagina 'celebrates her quirky condition'

Hazel Jones on This Morning
A 27-year-old woman whose rare medical condition means she has two vaginas has revealed that she so relaxed with her body that she visits fetish clubs with her husband, according to reports.

Hazel Jones had to lose her virginity twice and also has to have two smear tests due to her "one in a million" uterus didelphys condition – but does not permit it ‘to make her shy’.

“My quirky condition does not make me shy or hold me back.

“In fact, it’s something I celebrate,” she reportedly told The Sun.

The condition means a woman has two separate uteruses, two vaginas and two cervixes. It happens when a septum which usually breaks down between two tubes that form the uterus does not break down, leaving two uteruses.

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“If you are not aware that you have got this it can be really uncomfortable, I thought I was having cystitis, I thought I was having urine infections from a young age, when I wasn't. I was actually tearing the middle septum,” she told ITV1’s This Morning hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby yesterday.

She was 18 when her first serious boyfriend noticed something was "different", prompting her to go to hospital where she was diagnosed with the condition.

“They did all the tests and they told me within a couple of hours what it was. But the lady had such a heavy accent I still didn't understand what she was telling me and I just sat there in the waiting room with these notes going, ‘I have no idea what I have just been told’.

“As soon as I found out what it was I told everybody! I thought it was amazing. It's definitely an ice-breaker at parties. If women want to have a look, I'm quite happy to show them, it's not something I'm embarrassed by.”

Hazel, who has previously posed for an explicit Bizarre magazine photoshoot involving cuddly toy cats, honey and sex toys, also explained that the condition has not caused her undue stress in the bedroom.

“I have never entered into a relationship without explaining the difference about me anyway, never had a bad reaction about it either.

“But so long as they are aware of what it is I have no issues whatsoever, I have a great sex life now.”

When reminded that her boyfriend has a “choice” by Schofield, she quipped: “Most of them get one for the rest of their life, my fella has two.”

News by Mirror

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The rap fan who had hip hop artist's name inked onto her FOREHEAD

A mystery fan has gone the extra mile to show rapper Drake
A true fan will go to extreme lengths to prove their love for their favourite celebrity.

But while most of us settle for a copycat hair cut or a cheap imitation dress, one woman has gone the extra mile to show rapper Drake how much he means to her- by getting the hip hop star’s name tattooed across her forehead.

The mystery woman, who has shaved eyebrows and hair, adding to the dramatic look, visited an LA based tattoo parlour to make her bold statement.

It is thought that the unknown fan may be responding to a lyric in one of Drake’s songs, Free Spirit, which instructs a lover or listeners to, ‘tat my name on you so I know its real’.

Photos of the bold new look found their way onto the internet and have now gone viral.

Even Toronto-based musician Drake-real name Aubrey Graham- has seen the photos, reacting in disbelief at the permanent addition to the girl’s face.

The rapper told Mando Fresko that he wants to meet her and 'understand what happened'. He said: 'That's cool. I feel you 100 %. That to me is absolutely incredible. He added: 'It was love.

The Canadian rapper then exploded in a rant against the tattoo artist.

He said: 'The guy who tatted it is a ****ing ***hole. You should lose your job and never do tattoos again.'

He even threatened to 'f*** [the tattoo artist] up'

The musician appeared visibly upset by the pictures. He added: 'It's crazy, it's surreal- I don't even want to look at it anymore.' Graham is said not to have any tattoos himself.

Meanwhile Kevin Campbell, the tattoo artist at LA parlour  Will Rise, who is responsible for the work, has spoken out about his decision to go ahead.

He said  ‘She was really psyched about it. She had the sh---y font all picked out on her iPhone ready to go and was pretty adamant about putting it on her forehead.’

Campbell, who claims he asked the woman three times if she was sure about the inking, and explained possible future consequences to her, told Vice magazine, ‘She acted as if she had planned it out for a while; though I'm not really sure how much extended coherent thought could actually go into getting such a stupid tattoo on your forehead.’

Campbell assumed because of the neighbourhood that it was a gang-related tattoo, he said.

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