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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Two gays married in Roussillon to advance their cause before 2012

Two gays married in Roussillon
AFP - The Communist mayor of Cabestany (Pyrénées-Orientales) Saturday celebrating the union of two men with the intention to impose the political campaign of 2012 the issue of legalizing gay marriage in France. No gay marriage have been officially recognized in France, unlike other countries, there will be a symbolic union, or a birth certificate will be established there, at the risk of invalidation later? "This marriage will be free of any cancellation, you will see on Saturday," answered Jean Vila, mayor of this town adjacent to Perpignan.

Former MP keeps the mystery about what would make this marriage unassailable. The only gay marriage to date has been celebrated in 2004 by Noel Mamere, Mayor ecologist Bègles (Gironde), but it was annulled by the courts. "We get married because we love each other, but also a militant act," announced the future spouses. William is a painter for 37 years. Patrick, 48, runs a photo lab and is the father of a girl born 22 years from a previous marriage. They decided to publicize their efforts to "very soon in France, two same-sex couples can legally marry. We are citizens like any others." Both from Nîmes, where they met eight years ago, they live in Paris, where they work, and Cabestany, where they spend their holidays.

If they chose to exchange Cabestany consent and alliances because they had heard that the mayor was favorable to their cause. For the mayor, "there are times you have to be off-the-law". "I appeal to all mayors to commemorate gay marriage is a struggle of society that are needed to advance the schmilblick. It is said that France is a modern, forward edge, but we will be the last European country to legalize ", after the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Spain and Portugal. "It's courageous. It is a strong signal that we send the mayor of this town," welcomes Gougain Nicolas, spokesman for the gay interassociation lesbian, bi and trans (Inter-LGBT). This reveals "the archaic French law and the need for legislation."

Counsel Mécary Caroline, who entered in 2007 the European Court of Human Rights on the marriage of Bordeaux, the mayor may inscribe the marriage in civil registry official. "If he does, that's fine. Otherwise, it will be a good way to challenge the political class", as was the case with a symbolic marriage celebrated in Montpellier in February, she said. "If there is a change of government in 2012, she said, Europe Ecology and PS are already agreed to file a bill to open civil marriage to all, heterosexuals and homosexuals."

In January 2011, the Constitutional Council, a priority issue of constitutionality (QPC) on the initiative of a couple of women PACS, recalled that "under French law, marriage is the union of a man and a woman "and left to the legislature to change the law or not to allow gay marriage. Proponents of this union have since carried their hopes on the 2012 campaign.

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