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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Who needs to fly to Sydney? Pictures that prove you can watch a stunning volleyball game in Britain as the women's teams electrify Horse Guards Parade

beach voleyball stadium london
Beach volleyball has proven to be one of the most popular events at the Game

These stunning aerial pictures show how the London 2012 beach volleyball stadium has been remarkably squeezed into the heart of the city.

Thousands of cheering spectators can be heard from surrounding Whitehall and nearby Trafalgar Square, just out of view in this picture.

But for those lucky enough to secure tickets for the popular event, the scenes inside are far more reminiscent of those seen on the beaches of Brazil or California.

Inside the stadium, the sun, sand and bikinis, plus beach balls and the smell of sun-tan lotion transport the lucky crowds to somewhere far more exotic.

Forgetting they are plunged in the centre of the thronging, bustling, noisy capital, the crowds have been entertained with exotic dancers in bikinis.

cheerleaders in bikinis
Cheerleaders perform during the women beach volleyball round of 16 match between Germany's Laura Ludwig and Sara Goller against compatriots Katrin Holtwick and Ilka Semmler

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