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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hot Wheels Set Record With Double Loop Dare In Los Angeles

Double Loop Dare In Los Angeles
 A rally car driver and a stuntman set a new record by driving through a 66ft high double loop at the X Games in Los Angeles.

Tanner Foust and stuntman Greg Tracy completed the feat at the X Games in Los Angeles on a track the length of two football fields and modelled on Mattel's Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare toy racetrack set.

After finishing first through the loop in the Team Green car and making the jump into the finish ahead of Foust, Tracy said: "That was unbelievable. I tell you what, I'm at a loss for words. That was absolutely the coolest thing I've ever done.

"It was a handful trying to land it and get it slowed down. I knew Tanner was right behind me and I was just hoping we weren't going to tangle before we got to the end."

Foust and Tracy smashed the previous record for the largest loop in a car, set at 42ft in September last year by Chinese driver Li Yatao in Shanghai.

"The moment when it's go time, the heart rate slows down, the adrenaline goes away and it's a matter of letting it happen," Foust said.

Foust and Tracy hit 52mph in the track and experienced approximately seven Gs of force as they went through the loop.

"That was pretty hardcore: the seven Gs … I almost felt my chin hit my lap, I think, in the loop," Foust said after finishing the stunt in the Team Yellow car. "I felt like I was in a toy."

To avoid passing out from the force of seven times gravity, Foust's strategy was to "grunt, tighten your core and try to make your eyeballs and veins pop out".

He added: "It's a matter of following the black line and not passing out."

Tracy said: "It doesn't just happen on the day. It's something we've been working on for a year. When I heard the countdown, I was ready to go."

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