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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Celebrity personal trainer threw herself from Beachy Head cliffs after losing job and having problems with girlfriend

Celebrity personal trainer threw herself from Beachy Head cliffs
Tragic suicide: Angie Dowds was a health guru on ITV show The Biggest Loser
A celebrity personal trainer jumped off Beachy Head after losing her job and having problems with her girlfriend, an inquest heard yesterday.

Angie Dowds, 42, sent a text in her final moments at the notorious Sussex suicide spot saying: 'My heart is broken; my spirit is broken'.

At the time of her death last November, presenter Davina McCall, who she appeared on hit ITV show The Biggest Loser with, led tributes to her.

She said: 'Rest in peace Angie Dowds. So so sad.'

The inquest heard that Miss Dowds had drinks and drugs in her system, a combination described as 'severely toxic', when she threw herself off the cliff.

Her GP said she had experienced ongoing addictions to alcohol and drugs and had taken overdoses and made a number of suicide threats in the past.

The award-winning fitness guru had contact with mental health services and had refused treatment at one point.

After her death, it was revealed that local health services had neglected to book an outpatient's appointment for her after she declined treatment.

It was put down to an 'administrative error' initially, but a 'serious untoward incident' inquiry has since begun into what happened.

Yesterday, her brother Kevin Dowds accused doctors of letting down his younger sister.

He said: 'I feel she's been failed. Letting her decide whether she continues with mental health doesn't seem appropriate to me.'

He also vowed to further investigate the failure to book the appointment.

In the days and weeks prior to her death, Miss Dowds told friends and family she was worried about having lost her job.

She was also concerned about where to live as she did not intend to continue living with her girlfriend Edwina Benson, with whom she was having 'troubles'.

Miss Dowds had a meeting with a housing officer to discuss where to live and had also discussed claiming benefits.

Her girlfriend Miss Benson, an administrator at a primary school, said that she exchanged texts with her shortly before she jumped.

Miss Dowds sent a series of heartbreaking texts to her partner, including one saying: 'My heart's broken; my spirit's broken'.

She added: 'On your head be it' and 'I'll be at peace very soon.'

Miss Benson then called the police after her partner revealed she was at Beachy Head.

Miss Dowds' body was discovered hours later.

Catherine Palmer, assistant deputy coroner for East Sussex, returned a verdict of suicide.

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