Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Colonel Gddafi killed in crossfire "

Dead Gaddafi
In Libya, Colonel Muammar Gddafi: Sirte officials say that the former king and his loyalists were killed in crossfire between government troops.

Acting Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril said the interim government which the encounter between the soldiers and loyalists Gddafi shot in the head.

He confirmed that Colonel Gddafi was caught alive but died before reaching hospital. Director of attack by NATO meeting in the next few hours to finish the bomb attacks in Libya may announce.

Phog Rasmusn Mahascivan Anders said NATO with the death of Colonel Gaddafi, opportunity is now.
He said, "Colonel by the fear of 42 years of rule finally has died. I appeal to all people for a bright future work togther. Jibril has to keep in a press conference in Tripoli by the death of Colonel confirmed. He said "We were waiting a long time for this opportunity. Muammar Gaddafi have died." Meanwhile, There is a video that shows him Gaddafi was dragged on the streets.

Al - Jazeera television aired video footage that it is not known at that time he was alive or dead.
Jibril later told reporters that "Forensik test" has been confirmed that Colonel Gaddafi has died of bullet injuries.

The reports quoted as saying, "When the car was going encounter between the soldiers of the revolutionaries and Gaddafi a bullet was struck in his head."

As per the Acting Prime Minister could not tell doctors that these revolutionaries shot on behalf of engaged by any military or the pill has only taken their lives.

Earlier the special soilders of the death Colonel was separate jaisinghani's statement where he says that when he was running away if they were trying to catch them only those who had shot.

A soldier told the BBC that the colonel had hidden in a pit and shot them, killing the former king of the solicitation.

The fighter also see a golden pistol, which according to him belonged to Gaddafi.

News by BBC

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