Sunday, July 15, 2012

He found his car after 42 years on eBay

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The Robert Russell happy with his wife and his Austin Healy.
Los Angeles - After 42 years, has recovered his stolen an American sports car. He found it on eBay again and can now appreciate its value.

The police in Los Angeles said on Sunday, Robert Russell had discovered his Austin Healy 1967 in a display of the auction house eBay. The car had been stolen from him in 1970 in Philadelphia.

Russell initially compared the number indicated on the display vehicle with his papers at the time. Because the numbers corresponded, he alerted the police in May. Officers found the dealer in Los Angeles and could confirm that is indeed the offered vehicle concerned about Russell's car. He was allowed to pick up the car.

Russell told investigators that he had bought the car at that time for $ 3,000. It is now around 23,000 dollars (19,000 euros) worth. The owner was looking for the car, "not because of its financial value, but because, for him and his wife has an emotional value," said the police.

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