Saturday, April 14, 2012

World's Biggest Dog, Giant George, Gets Famous and a Book

World's Biggest Dog, Giant George
World's Biggest Dog, Giant George
Giant George, a 230-pound Great Dane, is the world's largest dog, as confirmed by The Guinness Book of World Records. He is also the tallest dog ever recorded. And because of his enormous size, George is about to get pretty famous with the help of his loving and caring family.

His book, written of course by his owner, Dave Nasser, because George can't write, will be out soon and will most likely catapult George into the spotlight. The book, appropriately titled, "Giant George: Life With the World's Biggest Dog" pretty much says it all. Is living with George like living with a real-life Clifford, the Big Red Dog ? How fun is it living with a dog the size of a small horse in your home?

To give you an idea of the huge stature of this dog, he is taller than basketball great, Kareem Abdul Jabar while standing on his hind legs at seven-feet, 3 inches. He's four-feet tall when standing on all four paws. And, hopefully, he doesn't walk around on his hind legs.

A dog this large understandably eats a ton of food. His owners say he devours about 180 pounds of food a month. What other crazy things must a dog of this size require of his owners? Curious giant dog lovers might want to look for this book about the world's biggest dog and find out.

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