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Earphones can kill you

Accident at Earphoned
Despite the number of fatalities from iPod oblivion (the act of walking on roads with earphones) Delhiites do not seem to be taking the menace seriously. We went out to explore...

It's human to err, but on the road, it can prove fatal. Especially when you have earphones on, and cannot hear approaching traffic. The menace of iPod oblivion, or the act of walking on road with your headphones on, is fast becoming one of the major causes of accidents on roads, and the capital too has seen its share of similar cases in the past couple of months. In November last year, 21-year-old DU student Priya Jain, was killed on Vikas Marg when she was hit by a bike and then a bus, since she had her earphones on and couldn't hear approaching traffic.

And the cases are only taking place more frequently now. Satyendra Garg, Joint CP, traffic, says that there has been a rise in such cases since the past 5-6 months, and even to the authorities, it is astonishing to see pedestrians risk their lives in such a manner. He adds, "It's astonishing how careless people can be, especially with their life. Crossing roads while listening to music is dangerous not only for them, but also for others who are commuting on road. One such incident happened in Karol Bagh, where this guy, who was crossing the road while listening to music, didn't hear the horn of an approaching car, which resulted in an accident. The car driver, while trying to save that guy, lost control and banged into a motorbike. These people are not only endangering their lives, but many others too."

Fact is, say doctors that shutting themselves from the world through earphones, can make pedestrians oblivious to approaching traffic, and also reduce their reaction time in case of an emergency situation. And the rise in the number of fatal mishaps happening due to earphone use on roads has also lead to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences' (AIIMS) Trauma Centre to conduct a study on it.

But as far as taking concrete steps to generate awareness are concerned, Garg says not much can be done, adding, "Apart from creating awareness through advertisements and campaigns, there is nothing else that can be done. But it is very strange - education de bhi toh kya - everyone knows that any sort of distraction while crossing the road should be avoided. Now if people chose to be so careless, I don't know how much of our educating campaigns will help? But we will run a few ads on radio and print... They're all pedestrians, and we can't punish them with a challan or anything. And what should we punish them for, when they are ready to pay such a high price - with their life - anyway."

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