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How To Select The Right Diamonds

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How Is A Diamonds Quality Measured

There are four elements that are considered when we speak about the measurement of a diamond.

These elements are know as the 4 C’s which relate to the diamonds cut, color, clarity and of course the carat weigh of the diamond.

Even though there are at least 13 elements which can reflect a diamonds value we are only going to discuss the most important ones which are the 4 c’s.

The carat weight of a diamond is equal to 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams. However you need to also understand that the bigger a single diamond is the greater value they will have simply because they are not as abundant as smaller diamonds.

Meaning that if you had two one carat diamonds which are more readily available they would not be worth the same amount as a two carat diamond because two carats and larger and not as abundant.

If you come across a diamond jeweler that is speaking about the points of a diamond then they are still referring to the weight of the diamond not the facets. There are 100 points to a carat so if the diamond jeweler states that the diamond has 25 points then that is a quarter of a carat diamond.

So what are the remaining three C’s?

The first we will discuss is the cut this is what you would call the shape of the diamond and how well it was shaped when being cut. There are many different diamond cuts such as round, marquise, princess, radiant, pear, oval, emerald, and heart just to mention a few of quality diamond cuts.

Next is the diamonds clarity where you will quickly discover that no two diamonds are same.

Clarity is also rated on how many flaws a diamond may or may not have, the more flaws in the diamond the less expensive it will be. Even though a diamond may have flaws it may not be able to be seen by the naked eye, so as long as you have that magnificent shine in the diamond it may suit your needs.

The diamonds color is also another element the weights heavily on the price, you can find diamonds ranging from colorless to blue to yellow. Many buying engagement rings prefer the white diamond but this can be an expensive exercise if it is flawless.

The trend here when it comes to diamond color is that many people like the yellow tint in the diamond and it is more affordable because they are not as rare as what you would call colorless or white diamonds.

What Is The Best Time To Buy Diamonds

There is really no good time to buy loose diamonds you are always at the mercy of the current market price, however if you are looking at buying a diamond engagement ring then it would be a good idea to hold off for the many yearly sales such as the Black Friday and Cyber Monday (online Shopping) where you will find a lot of items reduced to clear.

Should You Buy Used Diamonds

This is something that can be a very grey area when it comes to trust, if you are tempted to buy used diamonds you should always ask for a get a valuation certificate.

But before you part with your hard earned cash it is advisable to take the diamond to a independent valuer so you can find out the true value of the diamond, friend or not you can not take the chance of paying for a fake diamond.

As  for real used diamonds they are really no different from any other diamond you would buy all you need to be aware of is that what you are paying might not be the real deal when it comes to a diamond so always seek expert advice first.

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