Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sex now deemed safe for most heart patients

sex to relief heart
Sex to relief heart
A new report from doctors in Houston is bringing good news to the majority of heart patients – if walking up two flights of stairs doesn’t make you breathless or cause chest pain, then it’s safe to have sex.

The American Heart Association agrees that sexual intercourse causes only a slight risk of bringing on a heart attack with the same odds for people both with and without heart problems. Plus, there isn’t any proof that just because someone has already had one heart attack that sex is more likely to cause a second one to occur.

Dr. Glenn Levine, the author of the report, says that the majority of people with a heart condition walk up and down stairs all the time without thinking about it, but they may worry that having sex will lead to having a heart attack or even dying. But, as his report has brought out, this is not the case at all for most heart patients.

The report does add that patients and their doctors should bring up the subject of having sex, but that some are embarrassed to talk about it or don’t have data to share. This report gives them the guidance needed to provide that data. Levine added that a person’s overall risk of getting a heart attack while having sex is low and only represents about one percent of the cause of all heart attacks.

The report goes on to say that for people who have had one heart attack, the average risk for another is about 10 in a million every hour under all circumstances, and that participating in sexual activities raises that to about 20 in a million per hour. This amount is actually the same risks that people who have never had a heart attack face during sex, making it no more risky for heart patients to have sex than anyone else.

Patients under a doctor’s care for heart conditions may be asked to participate in a cardiac rehab program, which will monitor them for any symptoms of heart problems. This program will help the patients to gain strength in their hearts and improve their physical condition. This will help to ensure that they are good to go if they want to participate in sexual activities.

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