Sunday, December 11, 2011

Boy escapes from terrorist group after five months in captivity

Kidnapped Boy
A BOY of 14 kidnapped by a terror group linked with al-Qaeda has escaped by fleeing in bare feet through a jungle for two days.

Kevin Lunsmann was missing for five months while Islamic militants made ransom demands to his family.

But he outwitted four armed guards by telling them he was going to wash in a stream, before running away.

Villagers found him the next evening after he followed a river down a mountain on the southern Philippine island of Basilan.

Kevin was flown to the capital Manila and phoned his Filipino-American mum Gerfa, who was in the U.S. She and Kevin’s Filipino cousin Romnick Jakaria were kidnapped with the teenager during a holiday to the country in July.

His mum Gerfa was released by the ­insurgent group in October.

Romnick then managed to escape from the terrorists last month.

Kevin and Gerfa’s family in Virginia had received demands for money to ensure their safe return.

Ransom kidnappings in the region are blamed mostly on Abu Sayyaf, an al-Qaeda-linked group which is ­considered a terrorist organization by the Americans.

News by Mirror