Friday, November 18, 2011

PayPal makes sending money via Facebook

AFP - The online payment service PayPal (eBay group) Thursday launched an application to exchange money with friends, with an application designed for the website Facebook. "We are the world's largest online payment on the world's largest social network, to make it even easier to send money to friends or family members," said a marketing manager PayPal, JB Coutinho, the blog of the company.

"Our new application 'Send Money' (send money) is used to transform messages in real gift," she added. Such remittances may be posted on the site illustrated with maps, videos or simple photos. Click the links can then make the money transfer. Transactions, reserved for the U.S., are free and can be performed with normal bank accounts. "PayPal is where friends and families gather," said Ms. Coutinho. "Imagine the smile when you receive money to buy a cold beer with the message 'this tour is for me"

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