Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Herman Cain, the candidate of "9-9-9" entangled in a sexual harassment case

herman cain
Herman Cain
The candidate for the Republican primary, Herman Cain, is entangled in a sexual harassment case, since Monday. The man in the "9-9-9" is accused by the newspaper Politico have entered into settlement agreements in the 1990s with at least two women who accused him of sexual harassment. The pastor, married for forty years, was guilty of comments and gestures when he was moved to the head of the Employers' Association of restaurateurs in the United States.

The new darling of American surveys was initially denied, claiming to be the target of a "witch hunt". The former owner of a pizza chain has vigorously denied any wrongdoing in an interview to television channel Fox News. "I have never sexually harassed anyone," he has defended. This information is "totally false and baseless," he added.


Mr. Cain acknowledged, however, a little later, an agreement was reached out of court to cover-up. "If the restaurant association has an agreement, I was not aware and I hope it does not cost too much because nothing happened," he said, in referring to an investigation that would not show. Tuesday morning on CNN, Mr. Cain came more into the details of the agreement: "I do not remember the amount, but as and when negotiations with my lawyer, [counsel for the accuser ] realized that without a witness, his complaint did not take the road ".

The spectrum of a sex scandal may prove fatal to any candidate for the White House, Mr. Cain also assured that no other skeletons in the closet. "In forty-year career, there was a complaint of sexual harassment. One," he added. Asked whether it is a maneuver of a political rival, the candidate for the Republican nomination has done nothing to refute the insinuation. But he said he had "no idea" of the origin of these accusations.

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