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How to start a freelance job at home?

Freelance job at home
Through the blessings of online world it has become easy to all to start free online jobs at home. But there are some difficulties to find out such a genuine website to start these kinds of free jobs at home. Many say free but when you are at the end of their program they ask for onetime fees. Most of the programs are risky; because they take money from the users, but don’t give them any home based online jobs. These kinds of websites are generally called scam sites. Some of them take money from the people and give them a long list of earning sites, but don’t give those right descriptions to start their career. But now for the first time I am giving a full description on free online jobs at home; e.g., where to start 100% free jobs, how to start work, and how to withdraw your earned amount.

Now, if you are a Programmer, Web Designer or Developer, Graphic Designer, Architect, Engineer, Content or Article Writer, Data Entry Operator, or know how to Copy-Paste etc., you can simply start your free online work here. Thousands of buyer or individuals are ready to give you jobs. At the beginning level or depending on your experience one can earn $ 50 - $ 5,000 dollar per week or even more money. You never have to give any signup money there. It is 100% investment free program. So, start your home based jobs now today.

What should you do to start earning is very easy. Now, follow the step by step instructions below, to complete the registration form to start work at home.

First of all, click here to start register the program. Then follow the instructions given below, complete the registration form and start work at home.

1. Click ‘Register’ button at the top right.

2. Type your user name at ‘New Username’.

3. Type your e-mail at ‘Email Address’.

4. Type your password at ‘Password’; retype your password at ‘Repeat Password’.

5. Type your name at ‘Full Name’, phone number at ‘Phone’, address at ‘Address’, country at ‘Country’, state at ‘State’, city at ‘City’, your currency at ‘Currency’, set time at ‘Timezone’.

6. Check at I am ‘Looking to both hire and work’.

7. Check next ??2 boxes (if you don’t want to become a ‘Gold Member’ don’t check the third box), don’t write anything at two optional fields and finally click ‘Join’. Check your e-mail account, copy the verification code and paste it on verification box to very your Freelancer account.

After completing and verifying your account start work as follows.

1. Keep mouse on ‘My Profile’ Menu and click on ‘My Qualification’.

2. Select / check your (25) categories / areas you are experienced in.

3. Copy the Profiles that are given below and paste it by some editing (depending on your present skills) to your ‘Other Skills’, ‘Vision, Keywords’, ‘Your Profile’ fields respectively.

Other Skills: Graphics Design, Adobe Photoshop, Web Design and Development, Adobe Illustrator, Article Writing, Office Application, E-mail Marketing, Forum Posting, Data Entry.

Vision: Want to become a successful professional in IT and work in an inventive and aggressive world. Also want to give the best result to fulfill customers’ satisfaction and become one of the best service providers in freelancing world.

Keywords: Graphics Design, Adobe Photoshop, Web Design and Development, Adobe Illustrator, Article Writing, Office Application, E-mail Marketing, Data Entry.

Your Profile: Fluent in Graphics Design, Adobe Photoshop, Web Design and Development, Adobe Illustrator, Article Writing, Office Application, E-mail Marketing, Forum Posting, Data Entry.

>> Capability to afford services to customers to meet up their requirements.

>> Capability to support customers independently or through an experienced team.

>> Capability to work under pressure. Reliable, very organized, motivated and responsible.

We only produce quality work. You will get the best job from us. We are highly qualified (designers) who can provide the very best.

I declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge.

4. Click the ‘Save’ button and after that click the ‘Browse Projects’ tab, and then

5. Choose the area of work you can do from the list showed and (for example: Writing and Content/Article Rewriting) click on it, and after that,

6. Click the work you want to do (at first try to bid some trial projects).

7. Click ‘Bids on this project’ tab. Fill the bid form by lowest bid price, days of completion, Amount you want first to minimize risk or milestone payment (tick the 2 boxes -Notify me by e-mail if someone bids lower than me on this project and - Also send a private message to the project seller /buyer ).

8. In the first box just write: - "Hello Sir, Please see PMB, Thanks". In the second box write the "Full bid letter". If possible browse and attach one sample of your work below, It grows 90% possibility to get the work.

Bid Letter Example:-


Dear Hiring Manager,

I am good in English and able to write article on any topics, which will definitely pass "copyscape".

I am attaching one of my samples here.

I am ready to start the job as soon as possible.

Regards from,



9. Click on ‘Place bid’.

10. Read message and communicate with seller/buyer.

11. If you are chosen by the buyer, you will be notified through email (freelancer or your mail Inbox). Or, whenever you login, you can see the message at the end of your logged in page. You can also see your bided projects and messages at ‘Dashboard’ tab.

12. How can you withdraw the earned money from this freelancing site?

- Go to Payments at Withdraw Funds.

- Choose your withdrawal method, for example: Moneybookers.

- Click on Moneybookers.

- Write your Moneybookers' email ID, for example:

- Write withdrawal amount for example: 500 (USD/EURO)

- Next.

- Submit request.

For the first time your money takes 15 days and from the next withdrawal money takes 7 days to go to your Moneybookers Account.

14. How to withdraw money from Moneybookers?

- Go to Withdraw.

- Click on Withdraw button.

- Then click on Ok button.

- Please write your date of birth then press Ok again.

It takes 2-4 days to receive your earned money at your country's Local Bank Account.

Please click here to open an online Bank Account in Moneybookers.

So, don't wait, start your earning today.

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