Saturday, October 15, 2011

Heart Disease - Your Blood Cells Can Save You

 The real way to cure heart disease is through your BLOOD.

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the world today and the most common way that we go about fighting it is through the use of cholesterol-lowering medications. Cholesterol has always been the first thing in mind whenever we speak of heart ailments. Western medicine continues to focus on acting against cholesterol as cure for heart disease. However, research indicates that up to 85 percent of heart attacks are caused by blood clots and not by cholesterol in the arteries. This leads us to a realization that problems of the blood and inflammation cause and aggravate cardiovascular diseases. Cholesterol has been wrongly accused.

Dr. Garry Gordon, a doctor in Arizona, discovered a three-step process to purify your blood, thus healing your heart. His unique therapy has a 100 percent success rate using only three all-natural enzymes and minerals to cleanse the blood and strengthen heart health.

At present, aspirin is the most-widely used anti-inflammatory medication for heart disease. It is proven to reduce the risks for cardiovascular problems. However, it can also cause severe kidney, gastrointestinal problems, bleeding, and ulcers. This brings us to the first step of Dr Gordon's process which is a daily dietary supplement called Wobenzym, made from a combination of various enzymes found naturally in plants and animals. It is an all-natural anti-inflammatory and has all the benefits of aspirin but without the side-effects that come with it.

The second step in Dr Gordon's process is the intake of another enzyme called Rutozym, which was first discovered in a fermented tofu from Japan. It is thought to be more potent than other clot-buster drugs in the market and it may even break down dangerous clots that are missed by medical tests. Rutozym was developed by isolating the enzyme nattokinase from fermented soy cheese and adding it to other anti-inflammatory enzymes. This resulted in an end product that fights inflammation, improves overall circulation, and strengthens blood vessels. Japan's low incidence of heart disease can be attributed to the presence of nattokinase in the staple diet of Japanese. Rutozym gets rid of plaque that can cause heart attacks.

We are exposed to heavy metals every day. Research indicates that we're born with 1000 times more lead in our bones than anyone had just 400 years ago. Because of this, the body's tendency is to store more calcium deposits in the arterial walls to protect it from heavy metal poisoning. The downside of these excessive calcium deposits is that they cause hardening of the arteries. This can impair elasticity of the arteries and disrupt normal circulation. This situation is addressed by the third step in Dr Gordon's process. He uses a negatively-charged mineral called zeolite taken from a million-year-old volcanic rock. Zeolite acts like a magnet that pulls the heavy metals from the calcium deposits in your arteries, traps them in its chambers, and transports them out of your body.

These three steps will help you purify your blood, leading to a better cardiovascular health in a safer way.
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