Monday, October 24, 2011

Cristina Kirchner re-elected during a tsunami tidal wave election in Argentina.

Cristina Kirchner
Cristina Kirchner
AFP - Argentine President Cristina Kirchner, 58, was re-elected for four years Sunday in the first round of the presidential election during a real tsunami tidal wave election and said she was "impressed" and "grateful" after the result. "These figures impress me and I am infinitely grateful," said the President addressing the Argentines. "If I talked about those numbers there are only two years, we have treated crazy!" She said. Mrs. Kirchner won 53.96% of the vote against 16.87% for his main rival, the Socialist Hermes Binner, and 11.15% in the radical Ricardo Alfonsin, according to official results on 98.25% of polling stations.

The remaining percentage of votes on the subject of claims, and the final result and complete to be published before December 10, the start of the new mandate. After this election, at which the Argentines renewed at the same time half the seats in the Chamber of Deputies and one third of the Senate, the Front for Victory Mrs. Kirchner found in 2009 lost the majority in both houses. After the announcement of Ms. Kirchner spoke to young people and danced for a long time alongside his running mate, the Economy Minister Amado Boudou. "I want to thank the crowd of young Argentines who again appropriate the Plaza de Mayo," said the President.

For his part, Mr. Binner has conceded defeat by congratulating "Mrs. President". However, he argued that his training was a "novelty" in the political landscape. "This force is the second in the country", launched Mr. Binner, recalling that a socialist had just passed a radical, unheard of in Argentina. The President pointed out that several Latin American counterparts had called to congratulate her, including the President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff which was "very loving words." Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for his part, welcomed "the full support call" that Argentines have made to Mrs. Kirchner. To be elected in the first round, Mrs. Kirchner would get more than 45% of the vote, more than 40% with a lead of more than 10 points over his main rival.

"The difference (between Mrs. Kirchner and his main rival) is historic," said Rosendo Fraga analyst, institute Nueva Mayoría. For its part, Mariel Fornoni, Fit & Management, said that with the exception of the Province of San Luis (center), Mrs. Kirchner "won the victory over the country." The classes, traditional electorate of Peronism, he had gained, but much of the middle classes and even executives who were counting on economic stability. Consumption is booming, with 4% increase per year and the unemployment rate is just over 7%. Growth was 8% on average since 2003 except 2009.

Argentina also benefits from soaring commodity prices, particularly soybeans, which is the third largest exporter. Mrs. Kirchner has also peace with the middle classes, that her husband was frightened during the conflict with farmers, in 2008, refusing any negotiations until the end. The death of her husband last year allowed him also to give her a different picture, less authoritarian and more consensual.

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